From Objects to Sustainable Experiences: A WDBE Talks Podcast Featuring Michelle Xuereb


The World of Digital Built Environment (WDBE) is a platform for a rapidly growing global community of those dedicated to the sustainable digitalization of the built environment.

In this episode of the monthly podcast WDBE Talks, Michelle Xuereb, Director of Innovation at BDP Quadrangle, shares her insights on sustainability, innovation, and fresh perspectives for constructing built environments. Engaging in an enlightening conversation with Aarni Heiskanen, they discuss Ms. Xuereb's background, her valuable contributions at BDP Quadrangle, and the driving forces that have fueled her passion for sustainable building practices. Moreover, the discussion highlights the significant barriers and challenges that the construction sector faces when transitioning towards sustainable practices and other crucial dimensions of sustainability that extend beyond CO2 emissions.

It’s this expertise and influential standing in the field that has earned Michelle her outstanding reputation and the distinction of being invited as of the keynote speakers at WDBE Summit in September 2023. To get tickets to attend the WDBE Summit in Finland and see Michelle’s keynote in person click HERE.

To listen to the full WDBE Talks podcast featuring Michelle Xuereb click HERE.