Elevating Workplace Air Quality: Inside BDP Quadrangle’s New Studio at The Well

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Check out our captivating new VLOG about Indoor Air Quality in the workplace. Join us as we take you inside our studio at the Well, guided by Yves Bonnardeaux, Senior Associate at BDP Quadrangle. You'll be introduced to the thoughtful integration of sustainable practices in our studio's design - from selecting non-toxic building materials to reusing furniture to minimize emissions and implementing cutting-edge indoor air quality monitoring.

In an era where indoor air “is 2 to 5 times more polluted than the outdoor air”, and remote work has become prevalent, the need for a high-quality work environment is increasingly apparent. This video not only brings attention to the challenges of modern workspaces but also demonstrates the innovative solutions implemented in our new studio at The Well to foster a healthier, more collaborative atmosphere.

Join us as we explore how BDP Quadrangle’s studio at the Well sets a new standard for office environments. This video is a call to action for architects, designers, and businesses to prioritize well-being in their spaces. It proves that great places for collaborative work can help build a better future. Let's all breathe well together.