Location: Various locations throughout the UK

Since 2005, BDP has worked with PwC as part of a wider framework, undertaking new office relocation and existing refurbishment throughout the UK.

A new office interior for PwC Birmingham within a new, central, mixed-use neighbourhood development. PwC’s staff of 2,000 are dispersed over six floors -- each of which reflects a historic Birmingham trade to embody local culture and create a comfortable, informal environment. Staff health and wellbeing was of prime importance, as evidenced in the sit-stand workstations, shower facilities for those to cycle to work, the large outdoor terrace and a staff restaurant that has far-reaching views across the city.

PwC Frontier is a hybrid of laboratory, office and collaboration space where clients can explore how emerging technologies can support their businesses. Ambient lighting is integrated throughout the open and closed workspaces and a virtual reality lab to help transport clients out of their everyday thoughts and experiences.

PwC’s Manchester headquarters was designed to break down barriers, hierarchies and physical separations between teams and to provide total flexibility with a choice of different work settings for the way PwC works now and in the future. The office has also been designed with clients in mind and includes convenient client workspaces that can be used by clients when visiting PwC or when they are between meetings in the city centre. Special attention was given to reflect the spirit of Manchester and to put Manchester first, ahead of the PwC brand.

Pwc Birmingham 1
Pwc Birmingham 2
Pwc Birmingham 3