Alder Hey Children's Health Park

Location: Liverpool, UK
Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust

Alder Hey Children’s Health Park is an innovative new hospital model which merges a 270-bed hospital with a public park. The concept embraces community and nature to support patient well-being. The building’s unusual composition radiates out from an atrium into the park to ensure excellent daylight, ventilation and views of the outdoors. Grass flows from the park over the curved hospital roofs, creating a seamless connection between building and landscape. On the interior, each floor has a balcony with panoramic views, providing a respite for health care workers, patients and families.


Exterior photo of 619 Queen Street
Image of windows and exterior screening
Streetscape around 619 Queen Street West
Firemen putting out fire at 619 Queen Street West
people enjoy a trail in the park on the ground of Alder Hey Children's Health Park hospital, with the building visible in the background
intersection of hallways inside Alder Hey Children's Health Park with yellow circle floor graphic, yellow walls and circular skylight above
looking down at the lobby of Alder Hey Children's Health Park from a higher floor, showing cafe seating, wooden treehouse-like structure and an arched ceiling with wooden fins