The Curtner Town Hall Event at BDP Quadrangle

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The Curtner Town Hall event, "Tackling Civic Challenges with Community Joy," hosted by ULI Toronto, held on Wednesday, 14 June, in our studio at The Well, was a great success. Presented by Osemelu (Ossie) Airewele, Associate at BDP Quadrangle, this event featured members of the mid-career Curtner Urban Leadership Program Class of 2023, including Yasir Amr, Intermediate Architect at BDP Quadrangle. Moreover, the event hosted by Mr. Airewele, who is also the chair of the ULI Curtner Urban Leadership Program, focused on embracing city building opportunities with “joy” rather than fear.

Dedicated to addressing civic challenges and exploring innovative approaches from around the world, the event aimed to showcase solutions that not only acknowledge these challenges but also foster a sense of enthusiasm and engagement within communities.

During the Town Hall event, attendees had the opportunity to witness the outcomes of the teams' efforts in developing community-centric interventions that promote joy while tackling specific development challenges. Additionally, a panel discussion provided a deeper exploration of related developments and insights. Congratulations to the participants of this year's ULI Toronto Curtner Urban Leadership Program and a special thanks to the team involved in the management and coordination of this outstanding event.  

See below for photos captured during the event: