Celebrating the launch of Sportsnet Studios

Sportsnet tv broadcast production studio showing the studio set with desks, screens and professional lighting
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BDP Quadrangle is proud to have worked with Rogers Sports & Media on their new home for Sportsnet Studios, which will maintain its reputation as an industry leader and deliver an immersive sports experience that will enhance the network’s connection with its viewers and the thrill of the game.

BDP Quadrangle’s media environments team collaborated with engineers, set, lighting and acoustical experts to design and renovate spaces within two existing office buildings in downtown Toronto into an all-encompassing sports hub. Sportsnet Studios features new technology video, sound and movement capture, delivering a prototype for future broadcast studios. The 16,600 sf facilities incorporate a green room, hair, make-up, change and wardrobe rooms, meeting/viewing and phone rooms, editing suites, an array of broadcast support areas and two broadcast studios that can be combined into a single large studio. A window in the lobby of the host building provides a view into the space, so the entire team within the Rogers headquarters can see what’s happening in the studio.

Senior Associate Rob Dyson had this to say: “What’s really exciting is how everyone involved in this project strove to create an innovative platform that will enhance the working methodologies of the sportscasters and feed their creativity and expression. Our focus was to work closely with the entire project team to find solutions to house complex requirements into a fairly tight interior space, and still maximize the overall studio’s accessibility, flexibility, openness and technological integration. Other challenges included the project’s high-level of confidentiality, fast track schedule despite pandemic construction delays, and accommodating the extraordinary power requirements and sound isolation from the rest of the offices in the building.”

With the construction of the Sportsnet Studios, we have built the foundation of the network’s reimagined approach to the traditional hockey broadcast, content production and distribution,” said Jason Harding, VP Creative, Rogers Sports & Media. “The state-of-the-art technology, data capabilities and increased in-broadcast versatility allows the Sportsnet team to push the envelope and create interactive, immersive and innovative content. We truly thank all the consultants involved in bringing our vision of Sportsnet Studios into reality.”

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