Emerging Leaders Network: Engaging Change: A frank discussion on anti-Black racism

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On 26 August 2020, Quadrangle’s Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) held a virtual event aimed at the leaders and decision-makers of tomorrow called, ‘Engaging Change: A frank discussion on anti-Black racism in the design and development industry.’ The ELN typically holds social and networking events to provide a chance to connect with peers in the building, development, design and related industries and in doing so, has grown to over 500 members since it began in 2015. By moving to a virtual setting, we were able to reach a wider audience for this particularly important conversation. Moderated by Sam Oboh, panelists Ossie Airewele, Camille Mitchell and Cheryll Case discussed the impacts of anti-Black racism within learning environments and workplaces and what can be done to progress forward.

The event was well received with over 150 attendees from across Canada, the US, and even as far as South Africa.

You can now watch the recording here. For further resources and event takeaways, click here.

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