Emerging Leaders Social at the Samsung Experience Store

Quadrangle logo and the words Emerging Leaders Social on a black background with a concept drawing of the Samsung Experience Store
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Quadrangle hosted an Emerging Leaders Social on June 20th at the Samsung Experience Store at CF Toronto Eaton Centre. With more than 200 attendees from a range of city building disciplines including developers, property managers, retailers and consultants, the event was a resounding success. The Emerging Leaders Social is a chance to network with peers in building design and related industries while strengthening professional relationships in a relaxed social atmosphere. This is the fifth such event that Quadrangle has curated and it has grown in scale and popularity since our inaugural event that was attended by 61 guests in 2015.

a well-dressed man wearing a Samsung VR headpiece

second floor of the Samsung Experience Store filled with people

panorama photo of the second floor of the Samsung Experience Store full of people

two men pose for a photo in front of a curving staircase and beside Emerging Leaders Social signage