6 Dawes

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Client: Slate Asset Management, Carlyle Communities

This proposal represents an opportunity to replace an existing self-storage facility in Toronto's Main and Danforth neighbourhood with a new high-density, transit-oriented development. In addition to three residential towers, an integrated entrance for the GO Transit station, a City-run community centre, and a publicly accessible private park bring additional benefits to meet the needs of this established community.

Dusk rendering of York Condos
Rendering of outdoor pool and communal space at York Condos
Rendering of outdoor pool at sunset at York Condos
hand sketch of a residential building with three high rise towers and a GO transit station in the podium
sketch of red building podium cantilevered over double height glazed entry, with trees in foreground and high rise residential towers atop podium in background
concept diagrams showing massing strategy
colour coded concept diagram for program distribution showing locations of open space, parking, lobbies and retail, community centre and go station, residential towers
concept diagram showing character areas with main street go station on the right, midblock pops in the middle between the two blocks, and Dawes Road community hub on the left end
six hand drawn sketches of the main street showing different design options for the GO station entry