16-26 Cosburn

Location: Toronto, Canada
KingSett Capital Inc.

With a focus on enhancing the public realm and the community amenities, 16-26 Cosburn delivers much needed housing in proximity to the planned Cosburn Station on the Ontario Line. The building progressively steps back at the lower levels to open up the corner, creating landscaped public space leading to a public park dedication. The upper floor step-backs will be designed to provide tower articulation and minimize upper floor massing, while enhancing the skyline. 

Aerial rendering of a condo building across the street from the Gladstone Hotel, showing the  uniquely angled facade and stepped balconies.
Rendering of a mid-rise condo building with a glass facade retail podium, white brick, and balconies that step back with each elevation.
rendering of 1181 Queen Street West, showing its angled corner and large terraces