BDP Quadrangle’s new studio at The Well receives 2023 IAUD Gold Medal!

IAUD International Design Award Gold
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he International Association for Universal Design (IAUD) aims to improve humanity’s well-being and societal development the advancement and implementation of Universal Design (UD). The IAUD International Design Award recognizes the efforts of groups and individuals who have made significant contributions towards establishing a UD society, where all individuals, irrespective of age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, culture, customs, or other distinguishing factors, can live comfortably and without facing unnecessary difficulties.

Our outstanding interior design team deserves high praise for their exceptional work designing BDP Quadrangle’s new studio at The Well. We have been honoured with a prestigious Gold Medal in the “Interior Design" category of 2023 IAUD Awards. The studio’s design emphasizes inclusivity, accommodating neurodiversity, blending collaboration with well-being in a human-centric approach. It fosters a sense of belonging by accommodating diverse work styles through democratic layouts and flexible spaces that encourage both team collaboration and individual contemplation. Surpassing Provincial standards for accessibility, wellness, and inclusion, the design was informed by direct engagement with end users, ensuring it exceeds their needs.

Warm congratulations to the whole team, with a particular shoutout to Interior Design team members Andrea McCann, Caroline Robbie, Emily Turchi, Janet Lam, Jessica Goldberg, Julie Sumairski, and Stephanie Wiebe for their unwavering commitment and innovative creativity. Further accolades are extended to the IT, Administration, Innovation and Sustainability, and Marketing teams for their crucial role in making our new home a reality!