Today In To Podcast: What's The Holdup On Housing?

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Don’t miss the latest episode of Today in TO’s podcast, featuring Ossie Airewele, Senior Associate at BDP Quadrangle and Residential and Mixed-use lead at BDP North America, in conversation with host Dani Stover. They delve into the "More Homes Build Faster Act," an initiative aimed at fulfilling Ontario's housing requirements by 2031 through the construction of 1.5 million homes. The episode explores BDP Quadrangle’s “1.5 Million Homes” study, suggesting the possibility of building 1.8 million homes through densification. The discussion examines the intricate balance between quantity and quality, the inclusion of community attributes into housing developments, and the obstacles that surpass mere location scouting for development.

Emphasizing the importance of policy reform and innovative construction techniques, Ossie articulates strategies for converting single-family dwellings into multi-unit residences and amending midrise guidelines to substantially contribute to achieving, and potentially surpassing, Ontario's housing goals. This episode showcases BDP Quadrangle's dedication to developing sustainable solutions to the housing crisis, demonstrating that the goal of building more homes quickly is attainable through strategic policy reform and advancements in construction techniques. We invite you to listen to this episode for an in-depth insight into the future of housing development and BDP Quadrangle's pivotal role in this transformative journey.

🔊 To listen to the detailed discussion and discover our contributions to changing Ontario's housing landscape, click HERE!