BDP Quadrangle’s new Studio at The Well Receives a IID Gold Medal!

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We are delighted to announce that BDP Quadrangle’s new Studio at The Well has been recognized with a IID Gold Medal! The APR International Interior Design Awards 2024 (APR IID Awards 2024) is dedicated to honouring the highest accomplishments in the field of interior design. Recognizing that the field extends beyond aesthetic enhancement, it is celebrated as an art form committed to converting spaces into environments that are not only visually stunning but also healthier for their occupants. This discipline encompasses a holistic approach, merging style and practical functionality to enhance interior spaces.

Congratulations are in order for our interior design team, whose exceptional work on the design of BDP Quadrangle's latest studio at The Well has been rightly acknowledged, winning the Gold Medal in “Workplace” category at the 2023 APR IID Awards.

Our innovative two-storey architecture and design studio, located within Toronto’s most anticipated mixed-use development, The Well, showcases BDP Quadrangle's design prowess. The studio is a hub for innovation, exploration, and practical experimentation, mirroring our organizational values and brand. It champions wellness, inclusivity, and the integration of intelligent technology to augment comfort and drive forward innovation.

Heartfelt applause to the entire team involved, with special mention to the Interior Design team members Andrea McCann, Caroline Robbie, Emily Turchi, Janet Lam, Jessica Goldberg, Julie Sumairski, and Stephanie Wiebe for their relentless dedication and visionary creativity. Additional kudos go to the IT, Admin, Innovation and Sustainability, and Marketing departments for their essential support in bringing our new homebase to life!