BDP Quadrangle Announces Eight Promotions

BDP Quadrangle Announces Eight Promotions
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One of the core principles of BDP Quadrangle is to support and cultivate the professional development of every member within our studio. We ensure a varied range of advancement opportunities and provide tools for the enhancement of skills that support both individual growth and the overall success of our practice. In that spirit, BDP Quadrangle is pleased to announce the promotion of eight talented individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, expertise and leadership within our firm and the industry at large.

Promoted to Associate:

We recognize the dedication and hard work of Wayne, Shamir and Dustin. Their commitment to delivering exceptional design solutions and their passion for architectural excellence as well as their role in mentoring new staff make them deserving of their new roles as Associates.

Promoted to Senior Associate:

  • Ossie Airewele
  • Marcella Au
  • Andrea Katz
  • Jan Schotte
  • Hector Tuminan

Ossie, Marcella, Andrea, Jan and Hector have been recognized for their exceptional contributions and leadership within the firm. Their wealth of experience, creativity and unwavering dedication to our core principles have been instrumental in driving the success of their projects, their client relationships and the ongoing growth and skill of their teams.

The promotions reflect BDP Quadrangle's commitment to fostering a culture of excellence, continuous learning and professional development. These individuals have demonstrated their ability to exceed expectations, solve complex architectural challenges and contribute to the firm's reputation for innovative design and as an excellent place to build a career.

"BDP Quadrangle takes pride in recognizing and promoting exceptional talent within our organization," said Les Klein, Principal, Co-founder and Studio Head at BDP Quadrangle. "All of our newest Associates and Senior Associate have consistently shown a commitment to our core values of design excellence, collaboration and client service. In their new roles, we believe that they will further strengthen our ability to deliver outstanding design that respond to the needs of our clients, our communities and society at large."

BDP Quadrangle extends its congratulations to Ossie Airewele, Marcella Au, Andrea Katz, Wayne McMillan, Shamir Panchal, Dustin Sauder, Jan Schotte and Hector Tuminan for their well-deserved promotions!