BDP’s experts to showcase innovative design and sustainability solutions at the annual New York Build Expo

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Be sure not to miss the chance to connect with industry leaders, gain knowledge, and stay ahead of construction and design trends at the New York Build Expo. This premier event, the largest in New York and the tri-state area dedicated to construction and design, is back 13-14 February 2024. It promises to showcase a diverse lineup of industry professionals unveiling the latest trends, innovations, and profound insights within the construction sector.

On 14 February, we’ll take the stage to share our knowledge. Michelle Xuereb, Architect and Director of Innovation for the Toronto studio, will kick off the day with a session on "The Net Zero Revolution: Achieving Climate Goals through Sustainable Building" at 10:00am. This session promises valuable perspectives on sustainable building practices and their importance in achieving climate goals.

Following this, Rosalind Tsang, New York City Studio Director, will share visionary insights in a discussion on "Design Trends to Look Out for in 2024," scheduled for 12:00pm.

Concluding the day Richard Witt, Principal, will unravel the complexities of "The Role of Biourbanism in Shaping Future Cities" at 2:00pm. Witt's expertise will shed light on the crucial role biourbanism plays in the evolution of urban landscapes.

Find out more about the event here: We hope to see you there!