Adapting Architecture to Climate Change: Sustainable Solutions at 80 Atlantic Avenue


Amidst the COP28 Conference and the global community’s commitments to sustainable practices, it is crucial to recognize the escalating threat Canada faces due to increased instances of flooding, a direct consequence of climate change. Shedding light on this pressing matter, Michelle Xuereb, Director of Innovation at BDP Quadrangle, highlights this urgency by noting that major weather events have tripled in frequency compared to a half century ago.

Confronting this challenge prompts a critical question: How can we integrate climate change mitigation into architectural design? Michelle delves into this inquiry in this documentary produced by The Weather Network, where she discusses 80 Atlantic Avenue, a mass timber building created in collaboration with Hullmark. This project serves as a prime example of sustainable design, showcasing an embodied carbon footprint nearly half that of conventional concrete structures. A noteworthy feature of 80 Atlantic Avenue includes an innovative subterranean storm cistern, capturing rainwater to alleviate the immediate strain on municipal stormwater systems by controlling the release of the collected water. This type of architectural innovation is pivotal in adapting to and mitigating the impacts of climate change, offering a blueprint for sustainable urban development.

Watch the full documentary below and learn more about our project, 80 Atlantic Avenue, by clicking HERE