Future Scitech Ecosystems


The global SciTech sector is undergoing a significant transformation, evolving from traditional collaboration models among government, academia, and industry to include social and environmental factors. This shift involves educational bodies, research centers, hospitals, startups, and investors working in unison for scientific advancement and innovation. Our global built environment SciTech experts are focused on developing sustainable, high-demand scientific spaces suitable for diverse users. Driven by an aging population, rapid technological progress, and the effects of COVID-19, there's been a notable surge in global life sciences R&D investment, leading to major changes in the SciTech ecosystems.

But what does it take to build an effective SciTech ecosystem today, especially with growing environmental and social awareness?

Our global SciTech team, a diverse mix of architects, engineers, and designers, is excited to present their vision for the SciTech Ecosystem of the Future.

Dive into their latest research that comprises designing for speculative science, creating a knowledge cauldron, retrofitting and repurposing in the name of science, and achieving net zero labs by clicking HERE