With an extensive 30-year background in public building design, Joseph approaches his work with a steadfast dedication to enhancing the public domain.

Throughout his career, he has consistently championed the seamless integration of sustainability, operational performance, and aesthetics within the public sector.

In his leadership role, Joseph has adeptly managed interdisciplinary design teams, successfully navigating the complexities of high-profile projects. His specialization in sustainable urban development has left a lasting impact on sectors such as Transit, Healthcare, Education, and Justice. Joseph’s ability to navigate public procurement intricacies and lead in complex P3 pursuits and project deliveries underscores his significant influence on public architecture and the communities it serves.

Joseph is distinguished by his collaborative approach, excelling in fostering partnerships with user groups, government agencies, and multidisciplinary design teams. This collaborative spirit creates an environment where innovation thrives. His commitment to holistic project success is evident in his emphasis on meeting sustainability and operational requirements, showcasing a dedication to addressing environmental concerns and prioritizing the well-being of inhabitants. In each endeavour, Joseph brings a modest yet distinctive blend of leadership, innovation, and a sincere passion for creating impactful architectural solutions.

photo of Andrea Hall