Caroline aims to achieve solutions to design challenges using a wider lens, approaching her work through a perspective that is grounded in art, seeing the conceptual narrative in all of her projects.

Skilled at managing complex projects, Caroline is a Principal at the studio and head of the Interiors and Media teams. She has delivered some of the studio’s high profile, award-winning projects including Corus Entertainment, Deluxe Toronto, 60_80 Atlantic Avenue and multiple cultural, institutional and workplace projects at Daniels City of the Arts including Artscape Daniels Launchpad, HXOUSE, House of Cool, the Sugar Gallery and OCAD U CO. Caroline’s role as a cultural and design thought leader in the industry is strengthened by conceptual installations at major exhibitions and industry events.

photo of Caroline

Bird’s-eye view of the atrium at Corus Entertainment.
black framed boardroom cantilevered over a counter, in a three-leveled space with exposed brick and wooden beams
The common lounge area in Launchpad showing a mix of table sizes and chair types and wooden light fixtures hanging from red cords
Co-working space for residents at York Condos with wooden bookshelves and light fixtures, and purple seating nooks inset into the millwork