Andrea Katz is a licenced architect with over 15 years of experience working in the high-rise, multi-unit residential and mixed-use sectors.

At BDP Quadrangle, Andrea has been an integral team member for midrise projects including The Jack and 36 Hazelton, high-rise residential developments like the landmark 66-storey residential and office tower at 55 Yonge, and complex master plans, such as the Westin Prince Hotel Master Plan and the Yonge Street Subway Extension Master Plan.

She brings much-appreciated value to project teams with her deep understanding of the approvals process within several municipalities across the GTA, while her leadership skills and keen eye for detail allow her to continue to drive value into all the sites she works on. Andrea is also highly involved in the industry; she is a volunteer mentor with the OAA, the co-creator of BDP Quadrangle’s popular Emerging Leaders Network, and sits on the Urban Land Institute committee. 



photo of Andrea Hall
11-storey condo with limestone cladding and stepped back terraces on the upper levels
Photograph of 36 Hazelton on bright sunny day