Wanhua Research and Development Centre

Location: Shanghai, China
Wanhua Chemicals

Wanhua Chemical’s new R&D Centre located in Shanghai is a landmark building for visiting international experts. The new centre consists of a series of organically shaped buildings that connect via podium levels and surround a central landscaped plaza. Designed with spaces to rest, play and contemplate, the outdoor spaces complement its urban context and promote a healthy lifestyle for its users. 

glazed office building with three visible volumes, with rounded oval shapes and curvilinear podium connection, all viewed from across a waterway with boats in the foreground
aerial view of rounded, curvilinear office complex with five distinct round tower volumes, all connected with white framed podium and courtyard visible in the middle, beside a waterway and highway
direct overhead aerial view of an office complex with circular layout, five round towers and landscaped courtyard in the centre
a courtyard with trees and landscaping, looking up at four-storey high towers connected by a curving glazed podium that encircles the courtyard