Stereo D

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Stereo D

In stark contrast to the widely accepted design principle of the democratization of light, Stereo D is a 3D conversion studio with open work spaces that need to be nearly dark to facilitate rendering. Utilizing the industrial bones of the former Canada Bread Factory, cool, comfortable communal spaces were created to help staff decompress, reconnect and recharge their creativity.


The CFM&D logo and first paragraphs of the Stereo D article under the headline "Low lights, no cameras, 3D action"
Canadian Interiors magazine logo and the cover story headline "The present through a rearview mirror" written backwards.

Common room with variety of seating under a large skylight at Stereo D
Dark open office workspace
Small theatre for editing
Large communal kitchen with fruit bowls at Stereo D
Small meeting room with frosted privacy windows.