Queen Mary Graduate Centre

Location: London, UK
Queen Mary University of London

The Queen Mary Graduate Centre is a new teaching, research, and social centre located at the heart of the Mile End campus in central London. The campus building was constructed on a live site over an existing basement following the demolition of two previously existing buildings. Our civil and structural engineering design integrated the existing network into the substructure and civils design, and ensured a buildable strategy, which maintained live service continuity.


Queen Mary Graduate Centre, an eight storey building with glazing and angled columns at grade, brick facade that alternates from light to dark to light grey, and a glazed penthouse section on top
Queen Mary Graduate Centre viewed from the side showing a long and narrow building with two levels of glazing on the bottom, then two floors of light grey brick cladding, and two floors of dark grey cladding
close up of the top corner of a building with three distinct facade articulations: dark grey brick, then light grey brick on top, then glazed portion on top
looking through the glazed portion of the Queen Mary Graduate Centre to view a lecture hall