New Children's Hospital

Location: Dublin, Ireland
National Paediatric Hospital Development Board

The New Children’s Hospital in central Dublin will be a world-class facility for children and young people in Ireland in need of specialist and complex care. The 165,000m² oval pavilion will give the hospital an instantly recognizable and friendly identity. Its form alludes to Dublin’s best-known civic spaces and buildings, grounding the new building in its context. A central “floating garden” will elevate the importance of nature within the therapeutic environment.

rendering of a landscaped courtyard with children and doctors in white lab coats, with colourful panelled building on either ide and a glazed dome directly ahead
hospital atrium with ampitheatre seating and stairs connecting two levels and round skylights overhead
mother and two children look over a glazed railing overlooking the atrium of a hospital, with round skylights and colourful seating
aerial view of a city showing a narrow oval building with courtyard in the middle of the oval
colourful hospital common area with orange wall on one side, wooden slats on the other side, and ampitheatre stair seating with built in plants
rendering of the interior of a hospital with blur wall on one side and wooden accents