Liberty Yard

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Client: First Capital Asset Management LP

Liberty Yard will transform an underused site in Liberty Village into an innovative mixed-use development that aims to integrate with the main thoroughfares, including the future Smart Track station. A new large public park anchors the development, linking the various open spaces into one continuous pedestrian network while anchors such as retail, cafes and parks act as social magnets to create active edges and frontages for the new interconnected open spaces.

Dusk rendering of York Condos
new mixed use condo building beside Toy Factory Lofts, with red brick cladding and paved landscaping with seating in front and a pedestrian connection beside
looking over an old factory building with smokestack, showing a landscaped parkette in front of a new condo building with two white clad residential towers atop a red brick podium with glazed retail at grade
aerial rendering of Liberty Village showing multiple new high rise buildings in the area around the Metro grocery store with three towers more detailed and defined
people enjoying a public space with lots of seating, green space and the Toy Factory Lofts and a new red brick clad high rise condo building in the background