Clatterbridge Cancer Centre

Location: Liverpool, UK
Clatterbridge NHS Trust

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is one of the largest networked cancer centres in the UK. Combining world-class clinical services, research and academic excellence, the centre provides patients with specialist nonsurgical oncology treatments. Every aspect of the building uplifts with luminosity and daylight: glazed panels permeate natural light through the building; a sunken court gives patients access to a sheltered, therapeutic outdoor landscape; and the building steps back to provide wards and the chemotherapy floor with terraces featuring panoramic views over Liverpool.

Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, a fully glazed hospital with rounded side cantilevered over the entrance
inside a bright, all white hospital lobby with lime green accent wall and lime green hanging sculptural fixtures and lots of skylights
close up of the side of Clatterbridge Cancer Centre showing its curved glazed facade and angled columns under the cantilevered portion by the entrance
overlooking an atrium inside the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre which has wooden walls and yellow doorways on the lower level and crisp white walls and lime green doorways on the second level with skylights overhead