Barton Science Centre

Location: Kent, UK
Tonbridge School

The Barton Science Centre at the Tonbridge School required a cost effective and pragmatic approach to modernizing the existing building. To deliver an exciting design, we exposed the nineteenth century building’s interior structure and mechanical services, so that the design functions as a teaching tool for students. A series of labs, prep rooms, group study spaces and staff spaces all wrap around a new shared atrium to foster better connections between departments, while providing a central space for events and activities. The centre also includes an interactive periodic table, a TV wall, its own library, roof garden, greenhouse and beehive.

Exterior photo of 619 Queen Street
Image of windows and exterior screening
Streetscape around 619 Queen Street West
Firemen putting out fire at 619 Queen Street West
lobby of Barton Science Centre with people walking by on the two floors above, visible over the railing
back of the new modern portion of Barton Science Centre, with a cantilevered section clad in vertical baguette fins, a glazed volume beside it and old lightly coloured heritage brick building portion connected to that
lobby of Barton Science Centre, with a mix of seating options, a flatscreen on a wood wall, and the upper storeys visible above in a round atrium cut out in the ceiling