Abito Apartments

Location: Manchester, UK
ASK Property Development

Abito is an innovative apartment concept that delivers compact units with high quality, affordable design. Each 350 sq ft apartment features a central services pod with a bathroom, kitchen and storage area, bookended by a ‘sleeping end’ and a ‘living end’ - where a glazed wall opens to a balcony that floods the interior with daylight. Units were designed using a prefabricated construction solution, which was first realized for the Greengate development and later replicated for future Abito apartments.


Exterior photo of 619 Queen Street
Image of windows and exterior screening
Streetscape around 619 Queen Street West
Firemen putting out fire at 619 Queen Street West
close up of the Abito Apartments facade at night showing a smattering of apartments with the lights on
Abito signage over a doorway
close up of balcony pattern of Abito Apartments showing how they appear to zig zag