2453 - 2469 Bloor Street West

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Client: Leader Lane Developments and Windmill

2453 - 2469 Bloor Street West is a 12-storey mass timber residential building located on Bloor Street West at Jane Street in Toronto. The project will take advantage of its proximity to the Jane Street subway station and the potential for residential intensification in the area. It will offer 91 dwellings and retail frontage on Bloor Street West. The design includes high-quality cladding materials, such as porcelain ceramic tile and weathered corten steel, to reference the natural context of the Humber River Valley.

The use of mass timber construction at a height of 12 storeys is considered innovative and pioneering, taking advantage of recent building code changes, as well as creating healthy, warm and unique interiors with exposed wood. The design also incorporates setbacks and angular planes to maintain access to sunlight and views for the existing neighbourhood.

An emphasis on sustainability and community-focused initiatives aligns with the project’s pioneering approach to construction and commitment to a vibrant, inclusive community.

Dusk rendering of York Condos
Structural-Diagram_Construction-Timelapse_SE AXO
Dusk rendering of York Condos