Bathurst and St Clair

Location: Toronto, Canada
KingSett Capital Inc. and BentallGreenOak

Bathurst and St Clair is composed of three towers with 866 rental units and is anchored by a new public park at the corner that is connected to a mid-block open space. The development includes daycare space with outdoor play area, as well as retail animating the widened public boulevards. The design also takes advantage of proximity to transit and to the recreational trails of nearby ravines.

rendering of three residential towers atop a shared podium overlooking a park
Rendering of street level view of ground floor retail wrapped around a courtyard with seating
Rendering of street level view of the base of one tower featuring brick cladding, inset balconies, atop two storeys of retail on a busy street corner
rendering of the base of three residential towers at street level, the two on the right are connected by a podium
rendering at ground level of the view from across the street, facing the corner of Bathurst and St Clair
rendering at ground level with the view of Bathurst and St Clair, a high-rise apartment building, from across the street with a park to the immediate left
rendering at street level showing a cafe at the base of the building, a streetcar reflected in the window, and pedestrians walking along the sidewalk
diagram of the views from above the tree line
diagram of how the public space will be shaped on the ground floor
diagram of ravine system in the area around bathurst and st clair including prospect cemetery
diagram showing how the towers will stand out as a landmark along the skyline compared to the height of the surrounding buildings along Bathurst street
diagram showing how each piece that makes up the St Clair facade will be oriented: one part will face out toward the ravine, another will have a view of the park, and the widest view will be of the city