BDP Quadrangle Takes Home Two ARIDO Awards!

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For Ontario’s interior designers, ARIDO is home. The Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario is built to regulate the industry for the betterment of the profession and the public and to celebrate the amazing work being done by its members with the annual ARIDO Awards. This year, some of that amazing work was done by our interiors team and we’ve got the hardware to show it.

For our work on York Condos and 99 Gerrard, BDP Quadrangle is the winner of “LIVE TOGETHER” category for the 2022 ARIDO Awards! We’re going to need a bigger trophy case : )

99 Gerrard is a purpose-built rental residential tower shared between the existing 1970s building and the new tower addition. Each area was designed with its own distinct characteristics to create the feel of a micro urban environment. Simple, elegant and high-quality materials were selected for aesthetics and durability while respecting the identities of each tower. Unique amenities including a library, lap pool, spa and games space were added along with a rooftop terrace entertainment space with stunning city views.

York Condos represents the face of a growing downtown Markham. Consisting of three towers of different heights around a raised landscaped courtyard that covers an elevated parking garage, York Condos feature a long stretch of amenities along the street level inspired a white crystalline sculpture that runs the length of building. Cave-like pockets of activity hold different amenities, giving practical value to what is an impressive sight for residents, guests and passersby outside.

All of us at BDP Quadrangle are so proud of the work done by our amazing team so make sure to show them some love when you catch them in the hallways (digital or real)!