ELN hosts event on Indigenous Practices with Matthew Hickey and Deanne Hupfield

Indigenous Practices On-Demand Webinar is available now!
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BDP Quadrangle's Emerging Leaders Network hosted "Indigenous Practices" on 16 November 2021, an event that invited industry peers to learn about and engage with Indigenous ways of being and knowing and how we relate to the world around us. The event included a talk from Matthew Hickey of Two Row Architect as well as a Powwow Dance in full Regalia by Deanne Hupfield, who encouraged participation and taught attendees some Powwow Dance steps.

We are pleased to share a recording of the event as an On-Demand Webinar for all to enjoy. Find it here and feel free to share with your networks: ELN Indigenous Practices On-Demand Webinar

In addition to the recording, we have also compiled a document summarizing key takeaways and learnings from the event, covering themes of Decolonization, Respect, Truth and Reconciliation, Traditions, and Systems. This easy-to-share pdf also includes links to further resources and materials that may be of interest, such as books, music, art and articles from Indigenous perspectives. Find it here: ELN Indigenous Practices Resources + Take Aways

About Matthew Hickey

Matthew is Mohawk from the Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve, receiving his Masters of Architecture from the University of Calgary and his Bachelor of Design from the Ontario College of Art and Design. His cultural background has a significant impact on his work.

Matthew’s focus is on regenerative and restorative design – encompassing ecological, cultural, and economic principles. His research includes Indigenous history in architecture of Northern & Middle America and the adaptation of historic sustainable technologies to the contemporary North American climate.

He has been practicing architecture at Two Row Architect for 12 years and currently oversees design and development for the firm. At Two Row Architect the core work is Indigenous design and architecture, designing on and offreserve all over Ontario, Canada, and in the United States.

About Deanne Hupfield

Host of How to Powwow Dance on Youtube, Deanne Hupfield is an Indigenous Educator from Temagami First Nation. Growing up in Thunder Bay and Winnipeg, Deanne witnessed the harsh realities of generational trauma within the Indigenous community stemming from residential schools and the 60s scoop. She has spent her life reconnecting to the culture that was taken from her family from those systems. Now a recognized educator she has been teaching Powwow Dance and Regalia making for over 20 years in numerous community organizations and now online to help others reconnect to culture as she has.

Find out more about Deanne and book to join one of her Powwow Dance classes by heading to https://www.deannehupfield.com/.

About Emerging Leaders Network

Since 2015, the Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) has connected up-and-coming leaders in the Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Design industries. We host events for like-minded professionals as a chance to network, socialize, and help influence the future trajectory of our industry by sharing our thoughts, ideas and values with future leaders and decision-makers.