Quadrangle and Human Space launch Wellness Ready, a program supporting businesses to create healthy environments and reopen

illustration showing person in a wheelchair wearing a mask picking something up from a pharmacist and women wearing masks working off laptops with measurements indicating they are keeping distance
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As we begin to think about reopening offices, retail, hospitality, education and community spaces, there is a lot of uncertainty about how this can be done safely and effectively.

Quadrangle and Human Space are offering “Wellness Ready”, a program designed to help organizations successfully plan for and realize the necessary shifts to create healthy environments. In the short-term, business owners and operators will need to navigate how to adapt their buildings and interiors to enable physical distancing, while also defining longer-term practices that will foster success with employees and customers.

To support these challenges, “Wellness Ready” combines the expertise of Quadrangle, Human Space and a growing roster of industry specialists to advise on policies and protocols for health and safety, building performance, inclusion, wellbeing and good design.

Visit Wellness Ready to learn more.