Michelle Xuereb discusses alternatives to all-glass towers on CBC Metro Morning

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Director of Innovation Michelle Xuereb went live on the radio for CBC Metro Morning on Wednesday, 31 July. Michelle was interviewed by Reshmi Nair, filling in for Matt Galloway, for a segment which looked at the reasons why architects are moving away from the ubiquitous all-glass building envelope for condominium towers. Michelle touched on building performance and resilience and explained that heat moves through glass, making it a bad insulator.

"When you have floor-to-ceiling glass, you find you're cold at times of year when you shouldn't be," she explained. "And similarly you find yourself overheating on those hot summer days."

Michelle is the leader of our Green Team and champions passive design solutions to increase durability and resilience in our project work. To avoid the pitfalls of window-wall towers, she advocates for design decisions like punched windows and a window-to-wall ratio of 40%, seen in her CG Tower and Jane and Rutherford projects.

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