Canada’s first all-female ‘dream team’ to develop family-friendly condos - Toronto Star

12 women including Quadrangle staff Heather Rolleston and Lisa Spensieri, the Toronto Star logo, and headline “Canada’s first all-female dream team to develop family-friendly condos on the site of an Etobicoke strip club”
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Principal Heather Rolleston spoke with the Toronto Star alongside developers Taya Cook of Urban Capital and Sherry Larjani of Spotlight Developments to discuss the all-female team developing Reina Condos. Heather and Quadrangle project lead Lisa Spensieri are currently working on the design of this family-friendly condominium located on The Queensway.

“This project is very carefully considered and crafted,” says Rolleston. “We’re starting from a place that other projects don’t. So many start from density, but we want this project to knit into the community.”

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