Quadrangle joins forces with leading UK practice

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BDP, an interdisciplinary practice of architects, designers, engineers and urbanists, has made a strategic investment in Quadrangle, establishing a partnership that will broaden Quadrangle’s expertise and resources and fuel further client value, growth and development.


At Quadrangle, we set out with a plan to build a great studio. This meant realizing interesting and complex projects; cultivating great relationships with visionary clients; retaining and attracting the best talent; and giving our team opportunities for professional growth and creative expression. We are proud of the meaningful relationships, consistent growth, diversity and design excellence that we have enjoyed as a result.

Architecture and interior design has become an increasingly diverse pursuit. To remain competitive, we are pleased to announce that Quadrangle has agreed to join together with BDP — a renowned UK-based practice with offices around the world and services and specialties in areas beyond our current capabilities. Quadrangle will lead BDP's Canadian operations and North American expansion. We will continue to operate under the Quadrangle brand and under direction of Quadrangle’s principals. Our structure and teams will remain the same, and we will now be able to offer you, our clients, staff and collaborators, improved opportunities with greater expertise, resources and geographical reach.

We look forward to introducing you to BDP, and to our continued future together.

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