Quadrangle takes over at IDS19

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Quadrangle Studio members are set to speak on a wide variety of topics at the upcoming IDS19 conference and expo, taking place January 17-20 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The Interior Design Show brings together leading experts, innovative products and exciting new ideas in design under one roof and is a highlight for the industry each year. This year Associate Marcella Au, Senior Associate & Design Director George Foussias, Executive Principal Richard Witt, and Director of Human Space Jesse Klimitz will all be sharing their expertise through informative presentations and invigorating panel discussion. Each conference session aligns with one of IDS19’s four verticals of focus: Future Cities, Experience, Technology, and Diversity & Talent.

Retail Therapy: Design Principles for the Future

Thursday, January 17, 9:00 am
Vertical: Experience
Seminar led by Marcella Au

In the context of the so-called “retail apocalypse,” how are brick and mortar stores really faring in the digital age? This presentation will share insights on how retail and roll-out are changing and what trends we can expect to emerge or solidify as the new norm in store design. The discussion will examine themes including, but not limited to, experiential retail, large format flagships, target demographics, space sharing, pop ups, and technology.

Millennials to Gen Z – Shifting the Hospitality Model from Accommodation to Experience

Thursday, January 17, 9:00 am
Vertical: Experience
Seminar led by George Foussias

Millennials have been a focus of conversation across industries for many years, but curiosity is increasingly being piqued by their successors, Gen Z. Their ascent into a powerful demographic will affect how technology integrates with hospitality in a major way. George Foussias, a designer, visual artist, photographer and avid traveler will explore this shift in expectations and how the hospitality experience is different for each generation. Just as the social media landscape is being shaped by Gen Z, hotel infrastructure will need to cater to these unique consumers. This seminar will ask the audience “What do you think is going to happen?”

Tall Wood Buildings: Toronto Case Studies

Thursday, January 17, 10:30 am
Vertical: Future Cities
Richard Witt will speak in this panel discussion alongside Ted Watson of MJMA and Carol Phillips of Moriyama & Teshima Architects

A groundswell movement towards the use of mass timber structures for tall buildings is gaining momentum and will soon be visible on Toronto’s skyline and those of other Ontario cities. Here is a unique emerging technology: sequestering carbon, fostering well-being, changing construction sites, and building to new heights well beyond current code permissions. Learn about the issues, challenges, and opportunities associated with the use of these structures through three firms, each with a tall wood mass timber project currently underway in Toronto. Hear our panel discuss the technical, code, and cost issues. Gain awareness into the significant design, cultural and sustainable opportunities presented by this nascent technology and how it is on track to be the next design and construction industry disruptor and how it applies to residential, commercial, cultural, institutional and recreational buildings.

Accessibility and Design

Friday, January 18, 1:00 pm
Vertical: Diversity & Talent
Jesse Klimitz will speak in this panel discussion alongside Thea Kurdi of DesignABLE and Amy Pothier of Gensler

In this panel discussion, accessibility and inclusive design professionals will explore the wide range of end-user experiences and how the design profession can become more proactive with respect to accessibility issues. What are the best ways to incorporate inclusive design across all project types? How can designing for diverse needs benefit all users as well as the client’s bottom line? How do we future-proof our built environments?